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          The Centurion 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum

          "Do you know this cartridge?" -by Tim Mancillas
          Such was the question that came up during a congenial dinner during the 2004 SHOT Show with our friends at Aguila Ammunition and Centurion Ordnance. Efrain Peralta, the Chief Engineer for Aguila Ammunition, then held out a note book to writer Tim Mancillas and I, depicting a perfectly hand drawn blueprint of the long discontinued 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum cartridge. Tim and I both looked at each other and grinned. "Yes, we know this cartridge" I said. "We're both 5mm shooters." And so it began.

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          Classic Rifle A&M Rifle Company .17 Javelina
          As fortune would have it, good fortune in this case, I was contacted by a friend of mine who works part-time in a gun shop in Pennsylvania when they traded in an odd rifle. His questions of me were initially trying to gather information in order to determine if he wanted to keep this rifle for himself or place it in the rack for sale with a fair market value price. I wasn't certain what fair market value was, but was able to give him enough information on this particular chambering to determine that he did not need this rifle. I did express interest in the rifle and asked that he let me have first shot at buying it. After a few e-mail exchanges, a description of the rifle condition and features, an agreement on price was reached and I asked him to hold it for me....

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          2004 Saubier.com Prairie Dog Shoot - Nebraska
          This was a trip of a lifetime for me, an opportunity to meet folks with whom I’ve talked to for years and shared a common shooting passion. It was more about the people than the hunt, we had such a good time sitting around talking, learning, and sharing experiences. The camaraderie made the trip great. Seeing the beautiful country side, shooting the dogs, testing the wind in NE, and hanging out in between.

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          17 Squirrel Article by Tom Moore
          Tom Moore shares with us his experience with his favorite .17 caliber including tips on case forming and loads used.

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          Eichelberger Interview
          Interview with Bill Eichelberger on the “Extreme Small Calibers”. Bill Eichelberger is probably the go-to guy, the guru, the authority on the small calibers. His experimentation with the .14’s, .12’s and .10’s has been extensive, and I would like to thank him for this effort and recognize him for the work that he has done.

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          Wyoming Prairie Dog Hunt - Saubier boys go west.
          ....the 4 of us pack into the truck and head off for the trip of a lifetime. Lots of anticipation and excitement lead up to this point.

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          Varmint Safari Video
          I just recently got a video from Rocky Mountain Varmint Hunters (RMVH). The video is entitled Varmint Safari and contains some absolutely amazing hunting footage from some beautiful country.

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          Terrific Twenties
          June 25, 2002 Now available from the Woodchuck Den is the twenty caliber load manual, which is actually more than just a load manual.

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          Barrel Fitting Book Review
          From the Paul Rodgers Section:
          Not long ago I received a copy of the book “The Complete Illustrated Guide to Precision Rifle Barrel Fitting -Third Edition” by John L. Hinnant to read and review. My opinion is; if you want to install a barrel on a rifle you need this book!

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          Blaine Eddy Fur Season Update
          "...since 1980 the small calibers continue to be proven killers and the right tool for the job as a commercial Fur Hunter, and as you know i have made no secret of the fact that i believe it to be very much the case with regards to the .17 bore dia. "

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          Building a 14 - Russ Lucas
          I get many requests from people wanting to know about building a 14, so I decided to write this article to explain what I have seen and heard in the 5 years that I have been making and shooting 14's.

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          Small Caliber Fever (or is it insanity?) -by Frank Brakefield Jasper, Alabama
          The project started out as a short-range rifle or pistol .. .

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          Tony Boyer Benchrest School
          August 2002 We didnt know what to expect when we headed out to Keezleton, VA, to see Tony for advice about benchrest shooting. I was so excited I couldnt even sleep the night before we left. We knew about Tony Boyereverybody in benchrest doesbut we didnt know Tony Boyer. In fact, neither of us had ever met the man. All we knew was the legend; the man who has won almost a hundred hall of fame points!

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          Skinning Video
          I just watched Blaine Eddy’s new video entitled “Hunting and Skinning for Profit". This is a new video that I have added to my collection and wouldn’t be without.

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